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Believing in the Impossible.

Dr. Ricky Branham

Television Minister, Interdenominational Evangelist, Senior Pastor, and Author

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Victoria Branham

          Victoria Branham is dedicated to living by faith and believing in the impossible. Victoria is the wife of television minister, Dr. Ricky Branham, and has worked continually with her husband in ministry since they were married in 2007. Several years before her and Ricky were married, she heard television minister, Dr. Creflo Dollar, give an alter call. She got on her knees in her apartment and right there on the spot repented, confessed, and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Savior. It changed her life. She started going to church and growing greatly in the faith.

         Victoria encourages many by sharing her life changing testimony. She has held numerous leadership and management positions where she has been able to encourage and lead people in the ways and things of God. She holds a Bachelor of Art (BA) Degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree. She is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Ricky Branham Ministries where she oversees and assists in all the day-to-day activities of the ministry. She continues to work diligently for the Lord knowing His return is drawing near. Ricky and Victoria have been blessed with three children: Ricky, Riley, and Vera.

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